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What We Do

Hypnotherapy sessions help shift your way of thinking about a problem, utilising the power of your unconscious mind to find the right solution to your issue. 
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Coaching sessions can be useful for those stuck with setting and/or achieving goals, whether they are personal or business goals.
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Career Counselling
Career counselling sessions are based on giving you up to date and effective skills and knowledge on how to achieve your career goals. 
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Indulge your passion for knowledge and learning new skills, by attending one of our multiple workshops that are held in various locations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 
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Transform your whole outlook on yourself and life with one of our individualised packages; designed to really shift old ways of thinking. 
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Online Courses
For those who don’t live close enough to attend our workshops, we have designed an online course to be completed at your own pace. 
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Who We Are

If you are ready to transform your mindset and are frustrated with not achieving your goals. Then we can assist you with your process to empowerment. Providing you with a personalized package, designed to your individual needs. This is unlike many other types’ of sessions with therapists; that only use one modality of therapy. Our packages have been designed using effective techniques over multiple therapies on mindset switching.

Metamorph’s vision is to assist in the process of mindset switching; facilitating the transformation of lives and achieving the feeling of empowerment.
How we achieve this:
Here at Metamorph Clinic we use a broad yet specific range of scientifically supported therapies and techniques that support mindset transformations, growth and stability. This process is performed in a safe, private and professional space; with practitioners that are highly qualified, experienced and have a genuine care of you and your journey.


Honesty and transparency in what we do and how we do it, is of uttermost importance to us. We believe this is a strong foundation to a good professional working relationship with our clients and each other. There are no hidden agendas here, what you see is what you can expect.


We have a genuine care for our clients and are grateful you chose us to share your journey of transformation to empowerment with. We always include a complimentary 20min follow up phone session for each client a fortnight after your last session. This is to see how you are progressing on your journey. 


Practicing with integrity is a major part of our value system at Metamorph Clinic. We only practise within our skill set and qualifications. If your issue or problem lies outside our expertise, we are the first to refer you onto the correct specialist to continue to care for you.

The quality of therapy that you receive at Metamorph Clinic is derived from effective and reliable forms of therapeutic techniques; ensuring that you get the most amazing outcomes from the sessions that you engage with. Here at Metamorph Clinic we use techniques from Positive Psychology, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, Conversational, Clinical and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, to name a few.


Deciding on what type of therapy is going to be most effective and time friendly for you; can be like buying a car. You know that they all are effective in getting you from A to B, that they all give you freedom and convenience in life. However the choices can be overwhelming and the car sales person can be confronting and of course confusing you with all the details of the different models and added extras. At some point during this process of buying a car (I’m sure most people can relate to this) you wish that there was one car that just had everything you needed and in your price range, even though you’re not 100% sure what all those things are exactly just yet; until you’ve driven the car.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier, faster and convenient if the sales man could have done all the research on what you really need in a car and just show you the one perfect car in the one place? That’s only one test drive you have to do and the great feeling you get knowing you’ve got everything you need that’s just going to work for you; and the best part its within your price range. As I am aware of the frustration and confusion making important choices can be just like buying a car; here at Metamorph Clinic I wanted to take out all the hard work and uncertainty for you about what type of therapy is going to work best for you. I have achieved this by designing individualised packages relating specifically to certain issues that you are faced with. You can now get the service and an exhilarating experience with everything you need in one place saving you time, money and frustrations.

That’s pretty amazing right!


Ms Manda Portelli Principal Practitioner & Founder

Master Hypnotherapist, Career Development Practitioner, Coach, Clinical Weight loss Coach, Workshop Developer & Facilitator. Qualifications & Registrations: Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Master of Learning and Development (Lifelong Career Development), Master of Hypnotherapy, Diploma of life Coaching, Clinical Weight Loss Coach Course, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy. IITC, CDAA

Bio: Manda has joined clients on their journey of transformation for many years, in multiple roles and therapies. She is empathic, a great listener, is understanding, warm and will assist you in finding the root of your issues; guiding you on the most effective therapy and techniques that will work best for your individual needs. Manda can help with discovering your strengths, personality type and values that can assist you in discovering yourself. Manda has worked as a Provisional Psychologist, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Disability Employment Consultant, has managed clinics and owned businesses.

She left these roles in search of a way that gives her freedom to be able to combine her skills and knowledge in mental health and mindset switching. She had the vision that there could be a unique way of combining therapies into a package; so her clients could get the most effective therapy/service in one place. Thus, resulting in a true transformation of the mind; also saving both time and money for her clients.

If you would like to ask Manda any questions please feel free to contact Metamorph Clinic to arrange a complimentary 20 min consultation via the phone/skype to determine if you feel you have a good professional relationship fit.

Complimentary Practitioners: Metamorph Clinic currently has primarily one practitioner Manda Portelli. However to be able to provide clients with the best service and access to effective techniques, Metamorph has handpicked certain specialists in their area of expertise to work collaboratively with Metamorph Clinic. These practitioners hold the vision and values of Metamorph, are registered, trained and hold insurance to Metamorph’s standards.

Please click to download your free copy of the ebook

Access to your free copy of the five extraordinary ways you can easily change your mindset here

Manda from Metamorph Clinic took me on a heart-warming journey using hypnosis, to help me work through business related problems I was having. It seemed so simple and easy, nothing like what I think hypnosis is yet effective; I even struggle to remember the details of the problem I was having. Thank you Manda for your help

When no one else would listen to what I really wanted to do for work, she listened and helped me discover the jobs I could apply for, helping me with how to apply for the job I didn’t think I could get here. Since I have got the job I’m not depressed anymore and I get to help people with disabilities. This is something I loved to do back in my home country. I feel blessed to know her and to get a fulfilling job

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If you are ready to transform your mindset and are frustrated with not achieving your goals.