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image049Hypnotherapy can be effective in shifting blockages to your problems. If you struggle with the following, then this could be the answer to your issues:

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Reduce Depression
  • Reduce Insomnia
  • Aid in Weight loss
  • Reduce IBS Symptoms
  • Overcome Phobia
  • Improve Memory
  • Reduce Addictive behaviours
  • Mind & Body Balance & Connection
  • Mindfulness Skills
  • Resolve Communication Problems

The possibilities to what issues it can change are amazing and unlimited

Hypnotherapy is one of my most powerful therapy techniques at helping shift your mindset, it is completely safe and even fun. Most people say that they enjoy trance and I know I certainly do.

Most people tell me they are curious about hypnotherapy but are nervous about it beacuse the fear of the unknown or are unsure they can be put into trance. Trance is a natural state that we go into each day; for instance sleep is a type of trance, thus everyone can go into trance. The best way I can describe what trance feels like is this:

Have you ever noticed this before? I find it happens most days to me. Trance is like when you are driving somewhere you know where you are going; its a route you take often. When you get to your destination you realise you didn’t remember driving there, you know you arrived safely and didn’t cause a huge pile up on the way. However somehow you cant remember the exact details of the drive; such as how many sets of lights were green or how long you had to wait at the roundabout.

This is a type of trance; your conscious mind (analytical mind/thinking) and subconscious (automated mind/thinking) are both with you, however the exact details are blurry. Daydreaming is similar in that you are in a state of trance, in hypnotherapy we just take you to a deeper state of this.

Hypnotherapy uses simple yet effective techniques to ask you conscious mind to quieten so we can have a conversation with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will give us access to changing the way we think about a particular problem. Once we have gone on a magical journey with your subconscious mind (which can be confusing at times yet very exciting) we bring your conscious mind back into the forefront. After a bit of time both minds connect and once again function as one, with the major difference that we have now given our unconscious mind direction on where we want it to go.

You are always in control and you will have an amazing journey along the way


If you are wanting to know the technical terminology then please read below.


Or for more information including pricing or to book a complimentary consultation; please click the link below for instant access:

The main purpose of Hypnotherapy is to create a new neurological pathway (automatic way of thinking). When we think about something that we get stuck on or that may cause us distress, we get stuck in the same neurological pathway (loop of thinking). When you are in trance (which is sometimes described as a deep meditative state or similar to when you day dream) we work out where the blockage or distress is and shift it. Then after when you think about the old issue; instead of it going to the same pathway it did before, it now is rewired for you to think another way.

The best part is the old neurological pathway will cease to exist when it is no longer used frequently, thus the old loop or blockage will be gone. This leaves you with a new neurological pathway and your issue is resolved. Hypnotherapy is very similar to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) when administered correctly by a trained and qualified professional. CBT and Hypnotherapy work on the premise that if you change your thinking on your problem/issue then your behaviour will in turn change.

So how does this happen at Metamorph Clinic?

Firstly we begin with a complimentary consultation: An appointed time for a private 20min phone/skype session to work out if we have a good professional fit, to discuss the best service/package for your needs and to answer any questions you might have about starting your journey with Metamorph Clinic. Valued at $50

The finer details of the sessions:

The unblocking and resetting your mindset session: (2 hours)

In this hypnotherapy session we discuss what areas of your mind need to be shifted so you can move forward and find solutions to your issues you have been struggling with. Once we have gone on a journey to find your fresh and positive mindset; we look at how your life is going to change and what to expect.

This session is designed using effective techniques from Conversational, Clinical and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy at a Masters level. The Hypnotherapy session is lots of fun and totally easy, it’s the session that will give you the most effective method of shifting any blockages and creating a new and improved mindset. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy themselves when something is just so easy, fun and safe to experience. The best part of this session is I get to journey along with you in your trance of infinite possibilities.




For more information including pricing or to book a complimentary consultation; please click the link below for instant access: