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Our Services

The quality of therapy that you receive at Metamorph Clinic is derived from effective and reliable forms of therapeutic techniques; ensuring that you get the most amazing outcomes from the sessions that you engage with. Here at Metamorph Clinic we use techniques from Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Conversational, Clinical and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, to name a few. Deciding on what type of therapy is going to be most effective and time friendly for you; can be like buying a car. You know that they all are effective in getting you from A to B, that they all give you freedom and convenience in life. However the choices can be overwhelming and the car sales person can be confronting and of course confusing you with all the details of the different models and added extras. At some point during this process of buying a car (I’m sure most people can relate to this) you wish that there was one car that just had everything you needed and in your price range, even though you’re not 100% sure what all those things are exactly just yet; until you’ve driven the car.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier, faster and convenient if the sales man could have done all the research on what you really need in a car and just show you the one perfect car in the one place? That’s only one test drive you have to do and the great feeling you get knowing you’ve got everything you need that’s just going to work for you; and the best part its within your price range. As I am aware of the frustration and confusion making important choices can be just like buying a car; here at Metamorph Clinic I wanted to take out all the hard work and uncertainty for you about what type of therapy is going to work best for you. I have achieved this by designing individualised packages relating specifically to certain issues that you are faced with. You can now get the service and an exhilarating experience with everything you need in one place saving you time, money and frustrations.

That’s pretty amazing right!

All therapy sessions are based on our company’s’ values of Honesty, Care & Integrity and include:

  • One on one private sessions: In person at our professional and private office at Greenslopes (Brisbane South) or via Skype (any literature will be emailed out previous to session) to accommodate to those who cannot attend the office.
  • Some availability to after hours and weekend appointments for those who can’t make it in during office hours.
  • A complimentary consultation: An appointed time for a private 20min phone/skype session to work out if we have a good professional fit, to discuss the best service/package for your needs and to answer any questions you might have about starting your journey with Metamorph Clinic. Valued at $50
  • A Complimentary follow up: An appointed time for a private 20min phone/skype session to see how your new mindset is working out for you and so you can update us on how successful you’ve become at achieving your goals. This is booked in for a fortnight after your last session. Valued at $50
  • Payment plans are available making therapy affordable for everyone.

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