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About Us

Who We Are

Our Practitioners:

Ms Manda Portelli Principal Practitioner & Founder

Psychotherapist, Master Hypnotherapist, Career Development Practitioner, Coach, Workshop Facilitator.

Bio: Manda has joined clients on their journey of transformation for many years, in multiple roles and therapies. She is empathic, a great listener, is understanding, warm and will assist you in finding the root of your issues; guiding you on the most effective therapy and techniques that will work best for your individual needs. Manda is a specialist in positive psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, she has an Honours degree in Psychology therefore is great at understanding human behaviour. She has also completed a Masters of Hypnotherapy and has many years’ experience as a therapist to accompany her qualifications. Her professional values are integrity, honesty and genuine care, which are incorporated into her sessions and interactions with others.

Manda can help with discovering your strengths, personality type and values that can assist you in discovering yourself. In the past Manda has worked as a Provisional Psychologist, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Disability Employment Consultant, has managed clinics and owned businesses.

She left these roles in search of a way that gives her freedom to be able to combine her skills and knowledge in mental health and mindset switching. She had the vision that there could be a unique way of combining therapies into a package; so her clients could get the most effective therapy/service in one place. Thus, resulting in a true transformation of the mind; also saving both time and money for her clients.

If you would like to ask Manda any questions please feel free to contact Metamorph Clinic to arrange a complimentary 20 min consultation via the phone/skype to determine if you feel you have a good professional relationship fit.


Complimentary Practitioners: Metamorph Clinic currently has primarily one practitioner Manda Portelli. However to be able to provide clients with the best service and access to effective techniques, Metamorph has handpicked certain specialists in their area of expertise to work collaboratively with Metamorph Clinic. These practitioners hold the vision and values of Metamorph, are registered, trained and hold insurance to Metamorph’s standards.


Honesty and transparency in what we do and how we do it, is of uttermost importance to us. We believe this is a strong foundation to a good professional working relationship with our clients and each other. There are no hidden agendas here, what you see is what you can expect.



We have a genuine care for our clients and are grateful you chose us to share your journey of transformation to empowerment with. We always include a complimentary 20min follow up phone session for each client a fortnight after your last session. This is to see how you are progressing on your journey.




Practicing with integrity is a major part of our value system at Metamorph Clinic. We only practise within our skill set and qualifications. If your issue or problem lies outside our expertise, we are the first to refer you onto the correct specialist to continue to care for you.

What we do:

Here at Metamorph clinic we are passionate about mind transformation through empowerment: assisting you on your journey to becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

How we help you achieve this is by creating an individualised treatment plan through effective holistic positive psychotherapy practices.

Why choose us?

Get real results with lasting effects:

Join many others whom have transformed their minds and lives through our therapy. We offer strength and goal based therapy and are driven to assist you in achieving them.

You will always be welcomed with warm smiles and genuine care into our peaceful private office in leafy Greenslopes.

For your peace of mind:

We ensure our practitioners are ethical, understanding and nonjudgmental. Our values are authenticity, integrity, genuine care and honesty; all our practitioners are highly qualified, experienced, registered and insured at Metamorph clinic.

All our therapies are based on scientific and empirical proven methods and techniques. At Metamorph clinic we offer individualised therapy plans and believe in client lead practice. Which means that you choose what you’d like each session to consist of therapeutically from your individualised plan.

After all this is your journey, we are grateful we get to come along for the experience to keep you safe whilst achieving your goals.

How we make it easy to see us:

We offer after-hour sessions for those who have busy schedules.

For your convenience we also offer Skype sessions for those who cannot make it to our location.

We have an easy to use online booking system if you want to make or change your appointment after business hours.

We conduct regular workshops on different topics to assist in long-term permanent changes in thoughts and behaviours.

Luckily we are located next to a huge leafy park where if you choose you can (weather permitting) have some of your sessions outside under two magnificent big old trees.