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Empowerment Package


Metamorph’s Empowerment Package:

Great for those who:

Struggling to cope:

For those who are: feeling like they have lost control of their life; struggling with losing weight or getting into healthy habits; who have stress and want to be able to live their life again; feeling overwhelmed most days; fertility issues and are struggling to cope.

Career Focused:

For those who are: struggling to achieve their goals; own a business and are struggling to manage with the stress or pressures; in a leadership role or would like to be and be amazing at it; who are time poor and need to learn to manage their time more efficiently.

Stressed out or Frazzled:

For those who are: Uni students with stress and worry over study or grades; people that are stressed or feeling run down; have a negative mindset and would like that to change; so stressed its effecting your sleep and relationships; lack energy and get tired easily.

Lost their sense of Identity

For those who are: struggling with their identity or calling in life, parents who feel they have lost their identity, trying to juggle a spouse, children and life’s dramas, are struggling to communicate effectively with a loved one or friend.


Imagine waking up in the morning just knowing you can achieve anything you want, you know you have the self-confidence you need to be you; in fact you know who you are again. That deep feeling you get in your stomach that you are you and you are centred and strong. You know you will be faced with bumps in the road today but that’s ok, you know you can live without getting stressed and overwhelmed anymore. You have the knowledge and skills now to remain calm and focused, to be happy. You even feel refreshed and energised because you are getting enough sleep now and you are feeling lighter and healthier with your lifestyle choices. As you go about your day you run into an old friend, they comment on how amazing you look and ask you your secret, did you win lotto they ask? You laugh and tell them about how you learnt about your strengths and what you value in life. That you have set goals and achieve them easily as you work on small tasks each day. You say that you get to spend more time doing what you love and life is pretty good right now…………..

It’s in this moment you realise how far you have come and that you actually feel empowered again, wow what a feeling to have.


If you would like to feel this way and you can related to any of the above issues; then the empowerment package may be the right one for you. “Personally I get to feel this way everyday now and my journey to empowerment has included therapies and techniques from this package. I am grateful for the experiences an opportunities I now create for myself, I’d love to be able to be a part of your journey to empowerment, its different path for each but worthwhile taking the first step towards it (Manda)”. What are you waiting for? What have you got to lose? Please read below for more details.


The empowerment package uses specific techniques from a few effective therapies such as; Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, ACT, Conversational & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Motivational Interviewing and Systems Theory Framework. Consisting of dedicated techniques, stress free sessions planned for structure designed for value and effectiveness. Please read below for more in-depth details of the package.

The empowerment package is 6hrs of personalised therapy sessions, consisting of 4 weekly sessions + 1 follow up session the following fortnight + 1 complimentary phone/skype follow session a fortnight after. Firstly we begin with a complimentary consultation: An appointed time for a private 20min phone/skype session to work out if we have a good professional fit, to discuss the best service/package for your needs and to answer any questions you might have about starting your journey with Metamorph Clinic. Valued at $50


The finer details of the sessions:

  1. Building strong foundations (2hours)

The discovering the real you session:

In this session we do a friendly introduction to one another and settle into the sessions with some brief paperwork. We then discuss in depth the results of your strengths and values assessments you completed; discovering the real you. After this we look at how your strengths and values can be integrated into your life and what this tells you about your personality and identity. Bringing this information into the real world and integrating it into your everyday life. For the last 10 minutes we look at what your next session is going to look like and what to expect.

This session is designed using statistically reliable and effective techniques from Positive Psychotherapy, ACT, Motivational Interviewing and Systems Theory Framework. At the time of your appointment booking the assessments will be emailed to you to complete online previous to this first session. Thus, gaining the most time together in your session working on your journey toward empowerment, rather than on paperwork. They are super simple to complete and have instructions, if you get stuck I am only an email away to give you a call to assist you in competing them if required.  Leaving plenty of time to be able to complete these before your session for your ease and convenience.


  1. Hypnotherapy Session (2hours)

The unblocking and resetting your mindset session:

In this hypnotherapy session we discuss what areas of your mind need to be shifted so you can move forward and find solutions to your issues you have been struggling with. Once we have gone on a journey to find your fresh and positive mindset; we look at what your next session is going to be and what to expect. This session is designed using effective techniques from Conversational, Clinical and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy at a Masters level. The Hypnotherapy session is lots of fun and totally easy, it’s the session that will give you the most effective method of shifting any blockages and creating a new and improved mindset. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy themselves when something is just so easy, fun and safe to experience. The best part of this session is I get to journey along with you in your trance of infinite possibilities!

  1. Goal setting (1hour)

The future planning to succeed session:

In this session we discuss and plan some of your future goals; one short term and one long term. This advanced method of goal setting will blow your mind on how easy it is and how straightforward it is to follow and use again in the future. You will be given a template of the goal setting sheets so this can be an experience you can replicate over and over again at home; or even better share your knowledge with your loved ones. Sharing your empowerment vibes and knowledge. This session utilises effective and straightforward techniques derived from Motivational Interviewing, Systems Theory Framework and Positive Psychology. For the last 10 minutes we look at what your next session is going to look like and what to expect.


  1. Preparing yourself for lifelong success and empowerment (30mins)

The finishing touches session:

This session comprises of Mindfulness training and basic easy techniques to do at home, energy and space clearing techniques and training to align your body, lifestyle, relationship and house with your new empowered mindset. We then discuss how you can incorporate these changes easily and gently into your life. Lastly we follow up from last week’s session and briefly discuss how you are feeling and progressing on your goals. This session utilises effective and straightforward techniques derived from Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Techniques, ACT and Positive Psychology.


  1. Follow up/progress session (30 mins)

The see what amazing things you have achieved session:

This session is scheduled a fortnight after your last. We catch up to see how you are feeling, thinking and settling into your new positiveness with your new empowered mindset. We look at any bumps you may or might have occur/ed, how to overcome them and forward plan the next few weeks until our next complimentary catch up session via phone/skype. This session utilises effective and straightforwardtechniques derived from Motivational Interviewing, Systems Theory Framework and Positive Psychology.


  • A Complimentary follow up: An appointed time for a private 20min phone/skype session to see how your new mindset is working out for you and so you can update us on how successful you’ve become at achieving your goals. This is booked in for a fortnight after your last session. Valued at $50


  • Within 6 months after your complimentary follow up phone/skype session if you require another session related to your package. I will offer you 1 discounted 1hour session to work on any issues that may arise or just a catch up on your progress if that is what you desire or require. This session is 1 hour in duration, depending on what this session is in regards to, to what techniques I decide is appropriate to a successful outcome.


For more information including pricing or to book a complimentary consultation; please click the link below for instant access: