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Do you feel stuck with an issue you can’t seem to shift no matter what you have tried?

Are you feeling frustrated and fed up?

What if I told you there was an easier way?

The solution!


Now you might be curious or nervous or have no idea what it is; so

The main purpose of Hypnotherapy is to create a new neurological pathway (automatic way of thinking). When we think about something that we get stuck on or that may cause us distress, we get stuck in the same neurological pathway (loop of thinking). When you are in trance (which is sometimes described as a deep meditative state or similar to when you day dream) we work out where the blockage or distress is and shift it. Then after when you think about the old issue; instead of it going to the same pathway it did before, it now is rewired for you to think another way.

What are the potential outcomes from hypnotherapy?

  • Change in neurological pathways (thinking processes)
  • Change in undesirable thinking, feeling or behaviour
  • Reductions of IBS & Crohn’s symptoms
  • Weight loss & creating a positive relationship with fitness and health
  • Reduction of anxiety related issues

Session information:

Initial hypnotherapy sessions are up to 120mins in duration and are $300

Following sessions are up to 1 hour in duration and are $150

Some people only need one session to resolve their issue or gain a new ability, some will require multiple sessions. An individualised treatment plan can be formulated during the first session. My clients have reported the biggest and longest shifts of change happen when combining hypnotherapy in with positive psychotherapy.