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Mind & Body Connect & Balance

Do some emotions overwhelm you at times? Do you wish you could feel more of a balanced connection between your mind and emotions? Do you want to feel that your mind and body are connected, that your mind is clear and emotions are balanced?

These sessions work on clearing any old energy in the body including chakra cleanse and balance. Then we move to the mind and shift any unwanted thoughts, to create a new mental space to connect with our body, feeling emotionally balanced. During the session you receive Colour Therapy as well to add to your healing.

After the session; clients have reported that they felt:

  • Feeling of peace and connectedness with themselves
  • Embracing that you may feel this way sometimes, but learn ways to deal with it effectively
  • Feel the flow between your mind and body
  • Find clarity in your thoughts and feelings
  • Learn how to take this feeling with you and tap into it easily

These sessions will give you an instant boost in energy, connectedness within yourself and beginnings of new neurological pathways (mindset change).

In this session techniques from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Colour therapy & Mindfulness are blended to create an effective change in both the mind and body.

Session information:

Sessions are 60 mins in duration and are $150 per session.